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Drive To Costa Rica in Mercedes

Kevin N drove a Mercedes to Costa Rica—who said you need a 4×4. Thanks for the update Kevin! “I made my trip no problem to Costa Rica a few weeks ago, I drove a 1983 Mercedes Benz Turbo Diesel.  No mechanical problems what soever.  It also helps I checked everything before the trip.  Mexico was […]

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Border Towns

In general border towns are areas that you want to move through very quickly. I recommend NOT sleeping in border towns—choose a location that will get you to the border crossing early enough in the morning to strategically process your paperwork and that allows you ample time for any problems or complications that may arise. […]

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Do I Need A Passport To Go To Mexico

New passport requirements went into effect for Mexico in June 2009.  Get the latest information on your passport, visa, and health requirements—which can vary by travel mode—well in advance of your trip. Drive Me Loco recommends that you get a passport NOW allowing a minimum of 6–8 weeks to obtain one. In the US you […]

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Moving To Mexico – What Can You Take?

We have many loco users that only plan to do a portion of the drive—which is great—getting on the road, any road, should be your main objective when reaching out towards a new adventure. One of the services we offer to subscribers is a q&a with the author, if you have a specific question about […]

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Buy or Sell Car in Costa Rica

Buying or selling a car in Costa Rica is a little more complicated than in Canada. You have to use a Notary. Most all lawyers are also Notaries so you can use just about any lawyer. The buyer and vendor can use the same lawyer since they’re not acting as a legal representative but as a […]

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