Bahia Concepcion A Small Slice of Paradise

Epic Camping at Bahia Concepcion

Not far south of San Diego you will find some of the most epic camping on this earth. Bahia Concepcion, in Baja California Mexico is a must. This magical spot is one that makes you question returning to work and reality.

From Tijuana follow highway 1 south for about 600 miles. After hugging the Pacific coast, the highway cuts across the unforgiving arid desert where cactus, snakes and turkey vultures seem to be the only life.

Eventually, the dust pit softens and you will descend on to the Sea of Cortez , the east coast of the Baja peninsula.  It is a contrast to remember.

Bahia Concepcion is just after the busy little town of Mulege. Conception Bay has miles of crescent coves sprinkled with white sand. Blue- green agua of the calm Sea of Cortez laps at its shores while date palms overlook jumping fish.

Palapas on the beach mean fair game for camping.  As a rule, it is a good idea to camp at these palapa beaches where locals run the campsites. Expect to pay a small usage fee of a few USD per day.

Santispac, a slice of heaven, is one of the first campgrounds you will come across. Traveling south on snaky highway 1, you can’t miss it.

Two days and one night will cost 80 pesos (about $6 USD).  Stake your spot under your palapa, cool off in the peaceful lagoon and chill the day away.

If you find yourself needing a little more action in the oasis, kayak and boat rentals are available.  You may want to spearfish or snorkel for scallops. Local vendors sell a variety of snacks (vegetables, bags of fresh raw shrimp, empanadas, and even pizza).  The Santispac campground seems safe, as it has one gated entrance from the road.

restaurant run by an American/ Mexican couple has a full bar, 15 peso draft beers, stiff margaritas, and surprisingly killer food.

A jolly bearded man who resembled Santa on summer break told us. This isn’t the nicest camping spot in Bahia Concepcion you know.?

He was right, there are amazing spots scattered all around the Bay. But Ill let you find them for yourself.

Be prepared to stay longer than expected.

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