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Baja Emergency Numbers

Recently there has been a war between the various drug groups which hasn’t helped the image of Mexico—the reality is that you MUST be careful traveling through certain areas of Mexico. The Northern Baja State Police, and the Green Angels have increased patrols between TJ and Esenada and areas near the boarder crossing. Rosarito has […]

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Sell Your Car In Costa Rica

While it is possible for you to sell your car after driving to Costa Rica, possibly even make some profit, it is certainly not without its difficulties. The average customs tax on cars in C.R. is close to 55% of what an American would consider to be the value.

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Guide: Costa Rica

Costa Rica is fascinating and beautiful; there are tropical rain forests, active volcanoes, and white sand beaches that stretch as far as the imagination. The country is by far the most developed of all Central American countries. There are presently over hundreds of thousands North-Americans living in Costa Rica and the number is growing daily.

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Costa Rica Properties

If you are looking to buy or rent your dream home or seeking a relaxing break in Costa Rica, from the Caribbean coast to the North Pacific, through the Central Valley and Central and Southern Pacific zones, this extensive online portfolio of properties and vacation homes offers a great resource. You can search by locations […]

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Ship Car Around Darien Gap

If you desire to continue your journey past Costa Rica and dip into South America you’ll need to ship your car around an area called the Darien Gap. The cost for shipping a car around the Gap is at least $1,000.00 dollars. It could go up to as much as $1,800 depending upon weight and […]

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We Drive You

Our certified DML Travel Expert will drive with you from the USA to Costa Rica or any place in-between and he will make sure that you arrive safely to your destination. Our DML Travel Expert will accompany you and assist with all bureaucratic border crossings, he will keep you company on those long stretches of desolate highway, […]

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Bahia Concepcion A Small Slice of Paradise

Epic Camping at Bahia Concepcion Not far south of San Diego you will find some of the most epic camping on this earth. Bahia Concepcion, in Baja California Mexico is a must. This magical spot is one that makes you question returning to work and reality. From Tijuana follow highway 1 south for about 600 […]

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