Costa Rica’s $1 Billion Port Renovation Project

Costa Rica’s $1 Billion Port Renovation Project. A Costa Rican administrative court on Monday ruled in favor of a $1 billion port renovation project in Moín, on the northern Caribbean coast.

The project, worth an estimated $992 million, will permit Dutch company APM Terminals to modernize the Atlantic coast’s dilapidated ports.

Nobody knows ports and water systems better than the Dutch.

This is great news for Costa Rica and will exponentially improve their port and shipping infrastructure.

Hopefully this will drive down the cost of exporting your vehicle back to the states if this is the route you wish to take.

“This is excellent news for the country and for the province of Limón in terms of investment, generating employment and revitalizing the economy,” Chinchilla said in a press release. “This will help us continue working for the development of the province and improving the future for residents. Furthermore, the port will lift Costa Rica from the shameful position that we occupy worldwide for port infrastructure.”

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