Entry Requirements for Mexico Border

There are five things you need when driving your vehicle into Mexico for more than a few days:

  • tourist card.
  • passport stamp.
  • temporary vehicle importation permit.
  • temporary vehicle importation permit sticker to put by your rearview mirror.
  • Mexican auto insurance.

Get a fairly early start out of San Diego because the lines can be long, and the process can take some time to figure out. You will drive through the gates and be waived straight through or pulled over to the side to have your vehicle checked and stuff inspected.

Note:? You must actively hunt down your paperwork, no one will tell you, but you must get it.? But you need to obtain all the paperwork and receipts of payment to avoid very large fines at checkpoints later. If you get waived over to have your vehicle searched there is a small immigration office on the right where you can get your tourist card and passport stamp.? But you may want to watch your stuff being torn apart and tossed out of the van. You can take care of everything at the vehicle importation office just around the corner.? I would recommend taking care of everything at the vehicle importation office, it is less hectic, and easier to figure everything out.

After you go through the border gates follow the signs to the vehicle importation office.? Keep your eyes peeled and merge right quickly cause it comes fast.? It will be your first right.? Take your next right at the round about, and your next left just after the Mc Donald’s.? The importation is at the end of that street clearly marked.? Take care of everything here at this one stop shop.

Get your tourist card first.? When getting your tourist card make sure you get enough time, we got 180 days to be safe.? And make sure they stamp your passport; we have heard that they sometimes forget.? The tourist card was 262 pesos, about $20.

For you vehicle importation you will need to make copies of your vehicles registration, your passport and your Mexican tourist card.? There is a copy machine on the premises.? Take your information to the payment line.? I think you need a credit card that matches the name on your passport and registration.? The permit was 397 pesos about $30.

You must purchase Mexican auto insurance.? You can purchase insurance at many different places, in the US, Mexico, near the border or online.? We did it at the importation office.? It was very painless and government endorsed.? Make sure you purchase insurance from a reputable name.? Our insurance was around $150 for 45 days.

We had all our dogs? paper work with us? But no one cared about the dogs crossing the border. Now you have all five requirements and heading south down the beautiful coastline of Baja.

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