Using the lessons of this book, you will be able to drive to through Mexico, Central America & Costa Rica.

What this book will teach you . . .

The Grino's Guide is an Online Travel Guide and Book combining 35 years of experience offering the reader expert recommendations from real life (yes, we've done it several times) information on driving your vehicle through Mexico and Central America.

Five Important Tips For Gringo Travel

  • What is the best route to take through Mexico? 
    There are several routes and you need to know which is the best route for the kind of trip you want.

    This is always changing, but there are a few classic routes worth taking and a few more adventurous ones worth avoiding. 

  • Can I keep driving into South America?
    The got to get around the Panama canal, but that's not the real issue. The is something called the Darrian Gap which prevents all travel by car to South America.

    If you desire to continue your journey past Costa Rica and dip into South America you’ll need to ship your car around an area called the Darien Gap. The cost for shipping a car around the Gap is at least $1,000.00 dollars.

  • Traveling with a friend—dog, human or other.
    Advice about who to travel with and why. The ins-and-outs of traveling with the right person or all alone.

    This decision could make or break your trip and might even cuase you an early return.

  • Cops, military and drug dealers—is it safe?
    I’d say it’s safe as long as you stay clear of the drug territories and also stay away from drugs yourself. 

    You’ll likely get harassed time and agin by local cops in small towns but they are usually just looking for a small ‘donation.’

    We talk about his in detail in the guide and give you tons a secrete tips and resources to get on getting on.

    Sometimes the military will stop you, but if you got your paperwork in order and aren’t carrying a legal Zebra in the truck or anything like that then you are golden and it’s usually a uneventful experience.

  • Tips & tricks for having a great trip.
    We have compiled all the tips and trips from hundreds of readers to bring you a valuable FAQ with the most asked questions answered.

    See a selection here.

Thousands of people have already downloaded this book and taken this incredible trip to Costa Rica by car. Are you next?

The Author's Journey

Derek Dodds

Author, Surfer & World Traveler

Yep, head south and you could be sitting in a hammock in a few weeks sipping rum in Costa Rica.

Not to mention surfing some of the most awesome beaches in the world.  

But wait . . . there are a few things to see between the USA boarder and Costa Rica.

Costa Rica may be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow highway but don’t forget about the majestic Mayan ruins in Mexico, the beautiful volcanic hillside villages of Guatemala, the endless point-breaks of El Salvador, the great diving at the world second largest reef off the coast of Honduras and the world’s largest salt water lake in Nicaragua.

I could go on here, but I won’t.

If you are a surfer, dude, you can’t even imagine the waves you’ll run across from Puerto to Salsa Brava. I have surfed most of them and each one shines bright in the surf archives in my brain.

Even if you don’t surf, the freedom and independence of driving your vehicle thousands of miles through some of the most beautiful jungle and pristine beaches on this planet.

And check this out . . . want to stop and chill?

Just pull over and stop you car.

Get The Gringo's Guide

Some more words from the author . . .

  • Life is an adventure.

    I can’t remember who said that but one thing is for sure, there ain’t nothing about sitting on the couch that is adventurous.

    Would you like to take the trip of a lifetime?

    Where could you go right now? 

    Without getting on a plane, boat or train?

    Where could you go in your car—right now—if you decided too walk outside and start those engines you could take three trips:

         1) Drive across America
         2) Drive to Canada or Alaska;
         3) Drive to Costa Rica;

    I’ve done all three, and I can tell you that my hands down favorite is to drive south through the diverse, interesting, amazing, indigenous, fascinating and downright fun Pan American highway.

    Nobody’s schedule, no tour operators, no plane, no gnarly buss rides.

    Just you and your favorite  companion (dog or bunk buddy) on miles of road with cold corona at every turn and more smiles than a march band at your cousin ralph’s wedding.

    We talk about how to pass the border inspections and also about which routes to take.

    There is a ton of great advice—even The Washington Post liked our book and said in their review . . . 

    " is the authority on travel by car to Costa Rica, Mexico & Central America . . . there is romance in the road less-graveled."

    Have a great trip!

    ~ Derek Dodds, Author Gringo's Guide

What You Get

  • Immediate updates and free new editions for life
  • Regional news—keep updated, even on your trip
  • Revisions and reader updates and recommendations
  • Access to detailed info on each country—includes Darrian Gap
  • Answers to personal questions from the author
  • 35 years of experience traveling in the region
  • 162 Pages of Advice & Unique Insight

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About the Trip

Most people dream of travel but they never do it . . . only 3% of Americans travel to Costa Rica!

Are you one of them?

In fact, less than 40% of the USA population even has a passport.  

But you are different—which is why you are reading this.

Ever dream about visiting Mexico and Central America in your own vehicle?  

Maybe even with your dog?

Let me tell you, this trip will CHANGE your life.  

In fact, you just being here is already different, you could easily be posting on Facebook but you are thinking about adventure.  

Awesome, are your ready to take the trip of your life?  

Drive Me Loco is an Online Travel Guide and eBook combining 35 years of experience offering the reader expert recommendations from real life (yes, we've done it several times) information on driving your vehicle through Mexico and Central America.  

We detail, in an easy-to-read format, all the information necessary for a trip by vehicle through Mexico and Central America.

We chronicle a trip by car through

     - Mexico Baja
     - Mexico
     - Honduras
     - Guatemala
     - Costa Rica  

We also include BONUS information on Belize, El Salvador, and Panama and South America. Gringo's Guide will get you to where you want to go in Mexico and Central America with an expanded Costa Rica section---the jewel of Central America.

For less than $30 you'll get a copy of the 162 Page Gringo Guide eBook. 


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