Drive To Costa Rica in Mercedes

Kevin N drove a Mercedes to Costa Rica—who said you need a 4×4.

Thanks for the update Kevin!

“I made my trip no problem to Costa Rica a few weeks ago, I drove a 1983 Mercedes Benz Turbo Diesel.  No mechanical problems what soever.  It also helps I checked everything before the trip.  Mexico was a beautiful country until we reached Mexico City to see the Pyramids. We got stopped 3 times be police and had to bribe about $200-300 dollars each time because they said foreign plated cars are not allowed in the State Of Mexico M-Sat 5am-11:pm or with plates ending with 0 or 00. I called 911 and eventually spoke to police officer that said it was true, but the fine was only about 1500 pesos—but the car would have to be towed until the fine is paid.

Do not enter Mexico City at all.  We did see the Ruins—very nice, better to go see the Ruins near Oaxaca or in Guatemala. Honduras is getting very dangerous now especially near Copan and San Pedro Sula area and the West route to Nicaragua has very bad roads.  So you need to go a little further north to through the mountains, then come down to the border at Sonoma which is a much better crossing.  Also some people gave me directions to avoid Granada, and Managua and I got the border in 4.5 hours to CR.”

I agree with Kevin about Mexico City, avoid it. My recommendation is to drive to Guadalajara and then take a bus or flight to DF, hang out for as long as you want, go back to Guadalajara grab your car and continue on your journey.

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