Importing Household Effects Into Mexico

Last year I went through the process of bringing household goods to Baja w/FM3 for a friend.

We went to Sacramento Mexican Consulate and paid $127.00 and had (6) six copies of a list of “ALL” the items brought down with address in the U.S. on the upper left-hand corner and the Baja address in the upper right-hand corner.

We dropped the copies of at the Mexican Consulate and had to wait two days before returning to pick them up and was told that we needed to stop at the border in San Isidro and pay as much as $350.00 more.

I did the ‘Gringo’ drive by and was told by a Mexican friend that that could have been real bad if they were to chase me down and would have had to pay more than that.

Also it’s necessary to pay exact amount at the Mexican Consulate as they do not give change!

There is also a form to fill out so be prepared with your list ahead of time so you may save yourself an extra trip to the Consulate!

Note: Make sure you have all the items listed in case the ‘Red’ light comes on & they check the list against all the items brought, they will also be concerned if there are items short as well!

Ref: I’ve been traveling the Baja every year for the past twenty five, I assure you, I know Baja and it’s ways.

They also make sure you are hauling your own items as there is an extra fee if you have someone else drive/haul for you.

This is what I found on one of the Mexican consulate sights.

My recommendation would be to find someone who has done a Menaje de Casa, borrow their list & do yours in the same format.

Also you can get good help from the moving companies who bring your things from the northern border down into Mexico to your home here.

Foreign retired residents, as well as immigrants are entitled to take their household effects into Mexico. A list of such effects must be certified by the Mexican Consulate for Customs in Mexico. The requirements to be met are as follows: – FM3 or FM2 issued in his name. – A typed list of household effects, in Spanish, accompanied by four additional photocopies, listing all items to be imported. Brand, model and serial numbers must be stated when listing electrical appliances.

Pay the consular fee (please see table of consular fees).

Once the household effects list has been visaed, all furniture and appliances must enter the country within the next six months as of the date of the issue of the immigration form.

Household effects can be brought into Mexico only once per family in a lifetime without a special permit from Mexican Customs

Wish you well.

Bueno Suerte!

Mexican Consulates in the states close at Noontime sharp!

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