Mexico 17th Strongest Global Economy – But is it Safe?

A friend of mine is building a house just across the border in Mexico and I asked him the other day if he thought that Mexico was a dangerous place to travel these days and he told me that it is for sure if you are a drug dealer and you trespass on other dealers territory. I laughed and told him that most of my readers were not drug dealers and I asked him what advice would he give to my readers in this new environment of ‘violence’.

He said that the same rules apply now that have always applied, don’t drive at night, be smart about whom you speak with, be careful about when and where you stop, and most importantly learn some Spanish—when in a difficult situation knowing the language can go a long way. He didn’t feel the violence was a huge issue these days even though the media was playing it up, in fact, he felt that things in Mexico were actually very good and he told me that Mexico is currently the 17th strongest economy in the world and he stated that infrastructure is getting better and better in his opinion, building material are easier to find, and that the majority of Mexicans are just downright good people.

I agreed with everything he said and told him that next time we see each other in Mexcio the cervesa was on me. It was great to get current information from someone that is living in Mexico and has a feel for the reality of things there right now—media tends to distort truth and my goal with these updates is to give you factual information so that you can make intelligent decisions about your trip.

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