Moving To Mexico – What Can You Take?

We have many loco users that only plan to do a portion of the drive—which is great—getting on the road, any road, should be your main objective when reaching out towards a new adventure. One of the services we offer to subscribers is a q&a with the author, if you have a specific question about the drive or if you are looking for expert recommendation, just send over an email and we’ll make sure your questions get answered. Here is a question that came in this week:

Question: I’m moving to Puerto Angel and plan to drive down. I’ll have some belongings with me ie TV, laptop, clothes and some other items. Having a few valuables like that in the car with me, what kind of issues should I expect to run into with the aduana, police, and keeping my car a hotels?

Answer: Make a list of items with approximate values (low-ball the prices) including serial numbers and place at the top in large letters FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.

If you get stopped at the border let the agents look through things and then if they start to make an issue out of the items pull out the list.

You might have to pay a small duty or pay a bribe on the sport, I’d try a $10 spot if they look like there are starting to hustle you—don’t give them more than $20. Also try crossing in the late evening between 7-9 when things are super busy and most of the times you’ll just slide through without being stopped.

Once you are in and on your journey the police won’t bother with your goods, however when you stop to sleep search for hotels with secure parking—locked gates and a LIVE security guard.

Tip the guard to ensure extra attention, take your laptop and other valuables that can be easily transported into your room.

Have a great trip!

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