Surfing Guatemala

While surfing is still a growing sport along the Guatemalan coast, die hard wave chasers are starting to take notice.

One of the last frontiers where you can surf the great waves of the Pacific and not have to fight with competition, it might not be long before things start to change.

Just 80 miles south of Antigua, the beach at Sipicate is where you will find the somewhat secretive Paredón Surf Camp.

Opened recently, the surf camp is tucked away near the Sipicate-Naranjo National Park.

Unless you are serious about visiting and actually reserve a spot with them, the manager of the Paredón Surf Camp may not give you directions.

A simple operation, you can expect to find hammocks with mosquito nets as your bed and a simple well for water, which you likely will not want to drink.

Instead, there is a small tienda (store) nearby selling cheap Gallo beer and a local family provides red snapper and tortilla meals for a small fee.

Starting at under $20 a day, your meals, hammock and short board are covered.

Round-trip shuttles from Guatemala City and Antigua can get you in and out for a reasonable fee.

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