Your Worst Enemy in Mexico: Speed Bumps

Your Worst Enemy in Mexico: Speed Bumps

You won’t travel very far into Mexico before encountering speed bumps.

They are called topes or bustos and they are located at the entrances and exits of small towns.

Some are concrete blocks, others are iron bullets in a row and still others are a stretch of rises in the road called vibradores which give the car and everything in it a shiver and shake message.

Topes extended high on the roadway may present problems for low riding cars.

A loose tailpipe is especially susceptible to the speed bump phenomenon, thus a quick check and tightening before your trip may prevent problems.

If not, you may spend a lot of time reattaching you tailpipe with chicken wire and sandwich twists.

Check the fittings around the tailpipe before you depart as a precautionary measure, playing pick-up-the-tailpipe every one hundred miles along your journey is not an enjoyable game.


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