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Knowing The Points System That Can Cost You Your Driver’s License

Knowing The Points System That Can Cost You Your Driver’s License. Since 2013, many modifications took place, regarding the Law 9078 (Law of Transit), and the measurements implemented by the Road Security Council and the Headquarters of Road Education, from which the points system for the drivers arose.

The points system is defined in the Law of Transit, and goes from article 134 up to 139, where it contemplates the procedures, sanctions and motives for which the licenses are being revoked.

Costa Rica Driver's License
Costa Rica Driver’s License

Nevertheless, many people understand neither how this system works, nor the consequences that it can represent for those who make mistakes.

In accordance with the Law of Transit, every driver begins with 50 points in his driver’s license, from which, depending on the gravity of the accident, points will be subtracted.

Under the directive of Jimmy Salazar from the Transit Police, at the moment of committing a traffic violation, the Transit Official instructs the drop in points, which will then be reduced from the driver’s license.

There are situations that remove points and others that do not, at present there are those violations of the Transit Law (Ley de Transito) in which the driver will lose points and those that threaten human life”, he emphasized.

Basically this how it works: there would be fines of type A (Art.143) and type B (Art. 144) reducing points (in addition to economic sanctions of ¢ 280.000 and ¢ 189.000 respectively). The first one detracts on the whole 6 points, and the second one 4.

Costa Rica Driver's License
Transit Police

If for some reason anyone ends up losing 12 points in total, this person’s driver’s license will be revoked until he attends a special course on precaution and safety, given by Road Education.

The Police of Transit insist that it is better for the drivers to do the course as soon as possible, because being caught driving without license, the consequence is facing another fine type A, equivalently also to paying ¢ 280.000.

Approval of foreign driver’s licenses

It consists of the approval or recognition of a license issued abroad, for anyone, by one of the same kind in Costa Rica. Every driver (Costa Rican or foreign) may drive the same vehicles that authorizes your foreign license for a period of up to three months counting from the last entry into the national territory. During this period no license is standardized.


  • Drivers (Costa Ricans and foreigners) accredited foreign license to stay in the country without interruption exceeding 3 months may approve foreign national license: meeting the following requirements:
  • Identification to date and in good condition.
  • Prove their permanence interrupted either by checking their passport or a certificate or evidence of widespread migration by the Directorate General of Immigration.
  • The foreign license must be valid and in good condition.
  • Meet the requirements for aspiring license, except the basic course of Driver Education and Practice Test Drive, this case would be payment service and medical opinion.
  • Credited with immigration document their legal stay in the country or extended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship for the case of diplomats and members of diplomatic missions and cooperation in Costa Rica.
  • In the case of drivers with foreign license intend license B-4, you may be approved experience with foreign license to meet the requirement of experience required for these licenses.
  • In the case of drivers with foreign license intend class C license, must take the course of public transport.
  • Submit 2 copies of each document requested

Note: Anyone with Costa Rican license certificate of residence (CR), Passport (PA) or other similar document type and have obtained residence, before appearing on Accreditation Drivers (COSEVI, Uruca) to perform a procedure of duplicate or renewal, must appear in person to the department of Control and Registration in Paso Ancho, to update the data or make any changes to the system on the identification number currently carries, because should become immigration document this for cases in the metropolitan area, the rest of the country will undertake in the respective regional.

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