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How Much Money Do I Need To Travel To Costa Rica

How much money do you need for your trip into the depths of Central America? There is no one answer to this question.

Be that as it may, travelers can expect to travel for far less than in North America or Europe.

Everyone has a different level of comfort and you can expect to find accommodations for the total gamut.

An average daily expense between $50.00 and $75.00 is a good target.

You should first calculate the cost of gasoline for the entire trip and then prepare a daily expense budget for accommodations, food and miscellaneous fees, such as, entrance to national parks or museums. Border entries and exits should also be calculated. Some are more expensive than others, however, you can expect to pay around $100.00 for each country when all is said and done, including auto insurance where applicable.

Cash, traveler’s cheque, foreign currency, credit card – which should you take? Take them all! Cash is king, and US dollars are welcome everywhere. In fact, you must have $30.00 cash to enter Nicaragua.

Take small bills and keep several one-dollar bills handy for the occasional propina contribution. Traveler’s cheques are bulky, inconvenient and not always excepted. However, if you get robbed you can get your money back if you properly recorded the serial numbers of the cheques.

Keep the numbers separate from your money and give them to a trusted soul before you leave as a back up. As a rule you should carry the majority of your funds in traveler’s cheques.

A credit card is invaluable for emergencies. Plastic is accepted at numerous locations: gas stations, restaurants, hotels, service stations and super markets.

If times really get tough, you can also receive a cash advance at most banks, however the fees are astonishingly high. Banks in Costa Rica receive 15% of the total sum as a service charge.

No card, no money, no cheques…no problem!

Call mom and have her send money via Western Union for a $50.00 fee, or more, depending on the amount.

Western Union or their authorized agents are located in Mexico and all Central American countries.

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