What to take the adventure of a lifetime?

Yes, we all do!

Most people dream of travel but they never do it . . . only 3% of Americans travel to Costa Rica!

Are you one of them?

drive to costa rica

In fact, less than 40% of the USA population even has a passport.

But you are different . . .

Ever dream about visiting Mexico and Central America in your own vehicle?

Maybe even with your dog?

Let me tell you, this trip will CHANGE your life.

In fact, you just being here is already different, you could easily be posting on Facebook but you are thinking about adventure.

Awesome, are your ready to take the trip of your life?

Drive Me Loco is an Online Travel Guide and eBook combining 35 years of experience offering the reader expert recommendations from real life (yes, we've done it several times) information on driving your vehicle through Mexico and Central America.

We detail, in an easy-to-read format, all the information necessary for a trip by vehicle through Mexico and Central America. We chronicle a trip by car through

  • Mexico
  • Baja
  • Mexico
  • Honduras
  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
We also include BONUS information on Belize, El Salvador, and Panama and South America. Gringo's Guide will get you to where you want to go in Mexico and Central America with an expanded Costa Rica section---the jewel of Central America. For less than $20 you'll get a copy of the 162 Page Gringo Guide eBook. 2012-july-costa-rica-gd-inline-01

Here is what your 20 bones gets you . . .

  • Immediate Updates
  • Regional news (keep updated, even on your trip);
  • Access to user forum and travel community;
  • Looking for a travel partner, post it here on our loco forum;
  • Revisions and Recommendations;
  • We are stronger as a community;
  • 35 years of experience;
  • Access to detailed section information;
  • Access to detailed info on each country—includes Darrian Gap;
  • Answers to personalized questions from the author;
  • Let an expert help your prepare for you for your trip.

We are constantly updating the information on each section and we are offering FREE updates for one year from purchase.

For those of you that want take a trip to the tip of Baja and explore the exciting areas around Cabo, we'll also have some great information coming out in 2013.

Gringos Guide has been updated with exciting new information including links to website and a beautiful new layout.

Buy the guide today or get the subscription, you''ll love it!

We look forward to our journey together.


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Crime In Latin America

In everything good there is also something bad and therefore I wanted to say a word on crime because this is such a huge topic when traveling into Mexico and Central America. My opinion (and experience) is that there is less crime in Mexico and Central America than in North America, which is also statistically […]

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Interview With Mexican Resident About Crime

I have been going into Baja for thirty-five years, I’ve seen most everything. I’ve also spent a few memorial day weekends down there, campgrounds packed, long lines at the border, bars spilling over. This last trip was quite a different experience—freaky. We drove down during the day, crossed without incident and made our way to […]

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Importing Household Effects Into Mexico

Last year I went through the process of bringing household goods to Baja w/FM3 for a friend. We went to Sacramento Mexican Consulate and paid $127.00 and had (6) six copies of a list of “ALL” the items brought down with address in the U.S. on the upper left-hand corner and the Baja address in […]

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Shipping Your Car Around Darien Gap

In Colon there is the Cristobal Port near the bus station. There are many shipping agents scattered throughout the myriad of buildings and banking establishments. Ask around, the going price is around $1000—we found one for $750 but it didn’t include a container, not recommended unless you don’t mind risking the interior of the vehicle […]

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drugs and guns

What Can You Bring Into Mexico

Bringing guns or drugs into Mexico is not recommended. You may go to prison even if you were not aware of the Mexican law—having said that, I have done it (though I have never taken drugs into Mexico personally I have traveled with someone that did, good thing I didn’t have a gun cause I […]

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