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Take Your Dogs With You Through Central America

Thanks to  Christi and Crispian for sending in this update on traveling with the pups.

Just a note about traveling with dogs, we are on the way back from 5 months in Central America with two very well-behaved dachshunds, and more than 50%  of the time, we stayed in hotels.

It is hardest in large cities, particularly in Mexico and Costa Rica, but as long as the dog (s) are small it seemed to be possible.

Only once we were charged a little extra for them.

Sometimes we had to wander around to find a place that would take us.

If your dog is large, be aware that there are LOTS of stray dogs wandering loose, and most campsites and hotels have their own dogs who may attack yours (we found this out the hard way, at a campsite).

And fleas and ticks (shocking numbers of them) seem to only respond to Frontline, not other topical products from the US.

I don’t think many hotels will let you in with a dog much bigger than about 30 lbs.

John writes in with a few more recommendations for the troublesome Honduras.

Crossing into Guatemala with a dog, no problem if you have a current health certificate.

Crossing into Honduras, Grande ‘problema’ if you don’t have a vet waiting at the border!

This happened to me at 7 at night. They were going to send us back to Guatemala.

I was just about in tears having driven through Guatemala in one day and driving around in circles in Guatemala City for two hour!

So they said we could cross if I promised to have my dog checked at the airport in San Pedro Sula. I tried to do this on my way to Trujillo, but the vet they had assigned me to was not available.

So I had to make an appointment with the vet a week later and drive 10 hours round trip to pay him$ 60.00 for nothing but a stamp on a piece of paper.

I think I could have dragged in a stuffed animal and he wouldn’t have cared.

4 Responses to Take Your Dogs With You Through Central America

  1. Tedin NM at #

    when traveling with my 95 pound Chesapeake Bay Retriever when checking in in the hotel I am frequently asked if I want an extra bed for the dog. No one ever asked me that in the US. Also there was never any extra fees for the doh.

  2. Gringo Guru at #

    Yep, it is amazing how kind and generous people are n this trip!

    Thanks for the input.

    ~Gringo Guru

  3. Justin at #

    Thanks for all the great info on this site. Does your book have info about dogs and transporting house hold good across each border? My wife and I along with our 4 month old son and two dogs are moving to Costa Rica for a year in the middle of April and it has been nearly impossible to find reliable information on safety, customs and dogs for each border crossing. Please feel free to contact me at entech.medic@gmail.com or call my cell phone at 970-five7zero-9426

    Thanks! Justin

  4. The guide does talk about dogs and transporting house hold good across each border.

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