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What Can You Bring Into Mexico

Bringing guns or drugs into Mexico is not recommended.

You may go to prison even if you were not aware of the Mexican law—having said that, I have done it (though I have never taken drugs into Mexico personally I have traveled with someone that did, good thing I didn’t have a gun cause I think I would have shot my friend after he told me once we were on the other side of the border having a beer after an all night drive).

Ok, so the deal is, always hide drugs on your person, the cops will rarely search your person, they will search the hell out of the vehicle but in 30 years they have never done a personal search on me or my fellow travelers—I have done both.

Always hide drugs on your person, the cops will rarely search your person, they will search the hell out of the vehicle but in 30 years they have never done a personal search.

Guns I have hidden under the hood of the car or in a secrete department.

Do not bring quantities of anything that looks like it’s for resale. Beside, you’ll want to make your purchases south of the border; you’ll get more and you can buy all you want. If you get hustled, offer a $20 spot to take care of the inconvenience.

As you approach Mexico by road, choose the lane carefully before you cross; either

  • Nothing to Declare – Nada que Declarar or
  • Declaration Lane – Carril de Declaracion

The lane you will choose depends upon what you are bringing into Mexico.

The Nothing to Declare lane is used when you are bringing, as a tourist your personal luggage and other merchandise up to the allowed exemption of US $50 per person.

Allowed items include personal items such as, new or used clothes, shoes, and toiletries (quantities not for resale); two used sports equipment items, You can also bring in two cartons of cigarettes, 50 cigars, or 2.2lbs of tobacco (1 kilo), one liter of wine or hard liquor, twelve rolls of film, a computer, camera equipment, a musical instrument (that you can carry ? really that is the law).

Medicine for personal use.

Note: Be careful not to bring a large quantity of your prescription medication.

Mexico has laws concerning prescription drugs.

You must declare more than $10,000 in foreigner currency or equivalent of checks, and/or other monetary instruments.

The Declaration Lane lane is if you are bringing more than US $50 worth of merchandise per person, but not more than US $1000.

You may declare it by driving into the customs facility thru the declaration lane. You will need to fill out some documents, and determine the value of your merchandise. The duty is usually between 15% – 25% of the value of the merchandise and must be paid in a nearby bank (usually located near customs). Once your duty is paid, you?ll need to show customs the receipt of payment, and you?ll be on your way.

Be aware of the Red Light/Green Light as you cross the border, because you can still be randomly selected for secondary inspection. If you get a green continue to pass through, but if you get a red light, or a customs official flags you over for a secondary inspection, drive to location as identified by the officials. They will generally want to look into your trunk and inside the vehicle to see if you are bringing anything that should have been declared. This usually takes only few seconds, unless they find something undeclared.

If you did not declare something that you should have, depending upon the items you may have to pay the required duty, pay a fine, risk getting your merchandise confiscated, or go to jail.

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