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Choluteca, Honduras - Nicaragua Border

Choluteca, Honduras – Nicaragua Border

DRIVING TIME: 6.2 hour
MILES: 219

Choluteca, Honduras - Nicaragua Border

From Choluteca, you may cross the border into Nicaragua via Guasaule or El Espino. If you want to visit the beaches in northern Nicaragua, head for the frontera at Guasaule. For those traveling to Managua, Costa Rica, or the beaches in the south, head for the frontera at El Espino. Further north, there’s also a border crossing at Los Manos.

You can expect a headache when entering Nicaragua. After leaving Tegucigalpa, you will descend from the mountains into a hot, dry valley. There are several twists and turns in the road. Thus, after you leave Choluteca, head for the appropriate border city (depending on your route in Nicaragua). Choluteca is the junction point for Guasaule or El Espino.

The main border crossing between Honduras and Nicaragua is at Los Manos. Depending on your travel destination in Nicaragua, you may cross at any of the three sites. Surfers will want to cross at El Espino and head for the beaches in the north. There are some great breaks near the city of Leon, with Poneloya having the most popular break. 

Special Directions

If you find yourself at El Espino and want to visit the northern beaches, head for Leon at San Isidro when you cross into Nicaragua.

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