Gringos Guide To Driving Mexico, Central America & Costa Rica
  • Exiting Nicaragua

    Exiting Nicaragua

    DRIVING TIME: 1 hourKILOMETERS: 24MILES: 88HWY: CA 1—CA 2 If you thought entering Nicaragua was difficult, you are in for a surprise because exiting is even more of a headache. Again, you will need a guide. Any of the teenagers will do. It would be best to make various stops—one with Migration, one with the transit police, and one with the Aduana. Everyone will request their fees. The Aduana official will request your paperwork and then send you down the road for copies of your passport, car title, and driver’s license. Once all the copies are delivered and the official finishes recording, stamping, and officiating, you are on your way.…

  • Managua - San Juan del Sur

    Managua – San Juan del Sur

    DRIVING TIME: 3 hoursKILOMETERS: 141MILES: 88HWY: CA 1—CA 2 When entering Managua, stay on the straight-away and follow the signs to Central. About 10 minutes after entering the city, you will come across a sign that reads Jinotepe CA 2. Steer left; this is the road you want. Follow this road until you meet with a traffic circle. Follow the traffic circle around and exit UNI-UNAN. There is a large sign on the right. This road will eventually lead out of town and Penas Blancas and San Juan del Sur. Note that the Interamerican Hwy changes from CA 1 to CA 2 until the border with Costa Rica. The exit…

  • Nicaraguan Border - Managua

    Nicaraguan Border – Managua

    DRIVING TIME: 3 hourKILOMETERS: 200MILES: 121HWY: CA 1 The roads in Nicaragua are the worst of any in all of Central America. As mentioned above, it is difficult to get lost because CA 1 is really the only major road running through the country. Follow the signs to Managua—if you find any. Depending on how long the border entry and exit procedures take, you can make it through Nicaragua in one day. You will be given a transit visa for three days. My recommendation is to travel to San Juan del Sur and spend a day or two in this incredible town and then cross the border into Costa Rica.…

  • Entering Nicaragua

    Entering Nicaragua

    After going through the official Honduran border gate, you will pull up to the official Nicaraguan border gate, about 50 yards away. Here the border officials enter your passport number into a book. No charge. However, the officials may request a private donation for their work. You will soon learn that everyone will ask you for money in Nicaragua. Between Nicaragua and Honduras there are three border crossings; Las Manos (near Ocotal), El Espino (near Somoto), and Guasaule between El Triunfo (Honduras) and Somotillo (Nicaragua). Aduana and Migration The Aduana and Migration offices are located another 50 yards down the hill in a semicircular building. When you enter the building,…