Gringos Guide To Driving Mexico, Central America & Costa Rica
  • Departing Mexico

    Departing Mexico

    Tell the border official that you will return to Mexico before your entry permit expires. Check your Mexican Entry Permit before leaving the country. Most are valid for six months. Aduana Checking out of Mexico is easy. Present your paperwork to the guard at the guard station immediately before the border. You won’t miss the border. There is an iron gate blocking your entry into Guatemala. There are no signs. Hence, just look for the gate. This is a very informal border crossing compared to the others and is worth the extra couple of hours’ drive.  When I arrived at the border, I was the only car crossing, with no…

  • Which Route To Take While Driving Through Mexico

    Which Route To Take While Driving Through Mexico

    The drive through Mexico and Central America is a wonderful experience, however, it’s not an adventure for everyone. What type of person would like this sort of trip? First and foremost, you got to like driving. Any way you look at it, this trip is over 4000 miles of driving. If the open road turns you on, then this is a great trip for you. Take Your Time Driving Through Mexico Even though you could rush the trip, ideally, it is better to have an open agenda that isn’t too pressured by time. You don’t need tons of money but you should have a nice reserve for emergencies and potential…