Gringos Guide To Driving Mexico, Central America & Costa Rica
  • Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo - Acapulco

    Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo – Acapulco

    DRIVING TIME: 4 hoursKILOMETERS: 290MILES: 180HWY: CA 200 Leaving Zihuatanejo, proceed up the hill out of town onto the main throughway. Follow the signs to Acapulco; you’re still on CA 200. Going into Acapulco is a nightmare. The roads are horrible, the traffic is horrendous, and literally, thousands of people are crammed into this coastal town. Nevertheless, there are many things to do and an endless amount of sun, fun, and adventure. Getting out of Acapulco is an art in itself. Pay close attention to these directions, or you will get lost. Head south and up the hill; if you are near the beach, you must drive up the hill…

  • Puerto Vallarta - Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo

    Puerto Vallarta – Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo

    DRIVING TIME: 12 hoursKILOMETERS: 651MILES: 405HWY: CA 200 This portion of the trip is the most beautiful, the most dangerous, and entails the longest and most demanding driving of the entire trip. Dangerous because you are traveling through the mountains of Michoacan, and the roads wind, twist and turn for most of the journey. You can expect your average speed to be between 40 and 50 miles per hour for the entire trip. There are animals, potholes, and speed bumps galore. Nevertheless, you will see some of the most awe-inspiring coastlines of the whole voyage. The beaches are radiant, powerful, and peaceful. The surfing along this stretch is magnificent. This…