Gringos Guide To Driving Mexico, Central America & Costa Rica
  • Mazatlán - Puerto Vallarta

    Mazatlán – Puerto Vallarta

    DRIVING TIME: 6.37 hoursKILOMETERS: 439MILES: 27HWY: CA 15 & CA 200 Do not take the coastal road to Puerto Vallarta. It is the worst road of the entire trip. There is a fork in the road about halfway between Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta. Stay on the road to Tepic and proceed to Puerto Vallarta via this route. I asked one of the highway police which was the shorter route at the fork in the road, and the officer said that the coastal route was shorter. He failed to mention that there are about one hundred speed bumps and potholes. The coastal route is about 100 km shorter. However, the roads…