Gringos Guide To Driving Mexico, Central America & Costa Rica
  • Honduras Border Exit

    Honduras Border Exit

    DRIVING TIME: 4.27 hourKILOMETERS: 260MILES: 162 Upon reaching the border, you will be inundated by local people. Several are money changers, and others are guides. The guides, which are non-official unemployed locals, will hold your hand and take you through the process at the border. I highly recommend hiring a guide, they are not expensive, and their help is well worth the money. Find a guide that looks trustworthy and negotiate his rate. The guide will take all your documents to the Honduran border offices and help process the exit. Eventually, the guide will return with a Honduran official, and he will ask the usual questions and take a look…

  • Guatemala-Honduras

    Guatemala – Honduras

    DRIVING TIME: 4.8 minsKILOMETERS: 224 kmMILES: 139HWY: CA 9 Those going on to Honduras have two options. You may cross the border at Agua Caliente or El Florido. Leaving Guatemala City, locate CA 9. Upon entering Guatemala City, turn right on Puente Periferico and continue to Avenida Marti. Once you exit the city, head for Esquipulas.It is possible to drive from the Guatemalan-Mexican border to the Honduran border at Esquipulas in one day. However, you need to get an early start and keep driving without delay. Next Section of Drive Guatemala City – Honduras Border