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Sell Your Car In Costa Rica

While it is possible for you to sell your car after driving to Costa Rica, possibly even make some profit, it is certainly not without its difficulties. The average customs tax on cars in C.R. is close to 55% of what an American would consider to be the value.

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Latin American Driving Habits

Latin American Driving Habits Mexican and Central American drivers make driving in the cities a bit frustrating for visitors from above the border. Obedience to basic traffic laws seems to depend upon if a policeman is watching or not OR if you are a Gringo (haha, really). For example, if you stop for a red […]

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Ship Car Around Darien Gap

If you desire to continue your journey past Costa Rica and dip into South America you’ll need to ship your car around an area called the Darien Gap. The cost for shipping a car around the Gap is at least $1,000.00 dollars. It could go up to as much as $1,800 depending upon weight and […]

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Drive To Costa Rica in Mercedes

Kevin N drove a Mercedes to Costa Rica—who said you need a 4×4. Thanks for the update Kevin! “I made my trip no problem to Costa Rica a few weeks ago, I drove a 1983 Mercedes Benz Turbo Diesel.  No mechanical problems what soever.  It also helps I checked everything before the trip.  Mexico was […]

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Buy or Sell Car in Costa Rica

Buying or selling a car in Costa Rica is a little more complicated than in Canada. You have to use a Notary. Most all lawyers are also Notaries so you can use just about any lawyer. The buyer and vendor can use the same lawyer since they’re not acting as a legal representative but as a […]

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