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Guatemala - El Salvador

Guatemala – El Salvador

DRIVING TIME: 5.31 hours
MILES: 181.44

For travelers going to El Salvador, there are several entry points; Las Chinamas, La Hachadura, San Cristobal, or Anguiatu. Ruta Pacifica, CA 2, will take travelers to the southernmost entry point at La Hachadura.

The Pan American Hwy (CA 1) branches just past Cuilapa into CA 1 and CA 8. CA 8 leads to the border crossing at Las Chinamas, and CA 1 takes travelers to San Cristobal. There is also an entry point in the north at Anguiatu near the Honduran border. Once you enter El Salvador, it’s a straight drive from CA 1 to Honduras. You can easily drive through El Salvador in one day.

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Guatemala - Honduras

Guatemala – Honduras