Gringos Guide To Driving Mexico, Central America & Costa Rica
Exiting Nicaragua

Exiting Nicaragua

HWY: CA 1—CA 2

Exiting Nicaragua

If you thought entering Nicaragua was difficult, you are in for a surprise because exiting is even more of a headache. Again you will need a guide. Any of the teenagers will do. There are various stops you need to make. One with Migracion, one with the transit police, and one with the Aduana. Everyone will request their fees.

The Aduana official will request your paperwork and then send you down the road for copies of your passport, car title, and driver’s license. Once all the copies are delivered and the official finishes recording, stamping, and officiating, you are on your way. Show your paperwork to the guards at the exit gate and proceed to the Costa Rican border entry 4 km down the road.

Learned Lessons

These exit procedures take about 1-2 hours. Plan accordingly. You need time to process your paperwork on the Costa Rican side. The roads leading to and away from the border are awful.

Exchange your money on the Costa Rican side—the rates are better. Having extra copies of your passport, car title, and driver’s license is also helpful. The officials (on both sides) will ask for them when you exit Nicaragua.

Special Directions

You will be approached by several kids that will want to watch your car while you are inside dealing with all the paperwork. Pick one and let him know he is responsible.

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