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Guaymas - Obregon

Guaymas – Obregon

DRIVING TIME: 1.40 hours
HWY: 15

Guaymas – Obregon

This stretch of highway extends into the mountains utilizing a road in good condition. The driving is straightforward without too much confusion. Once you leave, Guaymas follow the signs for Obregon and Navojoa.

While I was driving along this section, I was exhausted, and I pulled off to the side of the road, in the middle of a mud pit, for some shuteye. I slept for about three hours, after which I was awoken by the federal highway police. They said something indecipherable over the intercom and sounded their siren until I popped my head out of the window of my truck. I waived, smiled, and said, Buenos Dias. After several minutes of debate between the officers, they must have decided that it was too early to get dirty for some propina. They drove off—my luck was finally changing.

Learned Lessons

In retrospect, stopping in deserted areas is probably not safe. Though in a long journey, there are times when Mr. Sandman will not cooperate with the personal desire to continue driving. Therefore when you stop for a sojourner, always stop at a gas station, restaurant, or other luminous and populated location.

Special Directions

Going through Guaymas, turn right at the intersection before town and follow the signs to Obregon. If you miss the turn, go directly through town and follow the coast through the port and industrial area. You will eventually encounter the road leading to Obregon. This is a bad road and goes through a nasty neighborhood and thus travel via the first road is recommended, although the second road is passable.

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