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Nogales Arizona - Mexican Border

Nogales Arizona – Mexican Border

MILES: 3.2

Nogales Arizona - Mexican Border

Initially, you have to cross the border between the United States and Mexico. The officials at the border point will most likely look through your vehicle nonchalantly and then send you down the road to the main inspection area outside of town.

The customs building is about 14 miles past the main town on the outskirts of Nogales. Drive directly out of town, and follow the main road towards the city of Guaymas. It’s hot in these parts, plan to enter the border and do this drive on the earlier side of the morning, and you might be blessed with cooler temperatures.

Learned Lessons

The regulation in which the officer claimed I had unlawfully broken was that I had in my possession more than two forms of recreational equipment. I was carrying my mountain bike, surfboard, and a set of weights. The provision on the holy wall stated that travelers might only have two forms of recreational equipment. Travelers that feel threatened by this provision should contact the Mexican embassy before departing the US for further information or request to pay the extra fees directly to the customs officer.

Special Directions

Process your Mexican Tourist Card at the immigration office first, then proceed to the customs office. The two offices are next to each other, but the officials operate separately. The border checkpoint is not the place to process your documents. You must continue past the town of Nogales—follow the signs to Guaymas about 24 kilometers.

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