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The Gulf Route – An Alternative Route Through Mexico

Brownsville & Valle Hermosa, The Border

The roads on the gulf route are not nearly as bad as they used to be.

The scenery is varied and beautiful.

Depending on what time you cross the border into Mexico through Brownsville, you may choose to either stay in Valle Hermosa (Beautiful Valley) or continue on toward Tampico.

Should you choose to drive all the way through to Tampico, I would suggest that you cross the border very early as this is a long journey.

To make things comfortable, I would suggest you cross and get through the border town area as quickly as possible heading to Valle Hermosa.

Please keep in mind that this border area is by far the “roughest” area that you will experience.

You will definitely feel like you have entered into a third world counry here and you will want to keep your windows and doors locked if possible.

There are many hotels in Valle Hermosa ranging in price. The one that I have stayed at there is safe, has secure parking, a caf?, and is only 17 dollars per night.

It is a bit old and ran down, as are most of the hotels that you will find on your way south unless you are a high budget traveler.

You are likely to be stopped at least 3 times after Valle Hermosa by either the military or the Federalis.

Brownsville to Tampico

The drive on into Tampico is rather desolate offering beautiful vistas.

Please be advised that as of this writing, I would suggest that you not stop or pull over for any car behind you unless you have the experience and know how to identify that the vehicle asking you to pull over is definitely a government vehicle.

There are some vehicles, that have been made to look “government”.

Be sure, be safe. Again, this is a desolate area. Keep your gas tank relatively full.

I never allow the tank to drop below 1/4.

Tampico to Veracruz

From Tampico the next stop is Veracruz.

Again, get an early start as this is a bit of a haul as well.

If you start early both from Valle Hermosa and from Tampico, you will have a few hours of daylight left in Veracruz and in Tampico to enjoy the beautiful beaches and weather.

From Veracruz, yet another early start.

From there you will drive away from the coast headed Southwest toward Tierra Blanca.

However, quite a ways before you get there, you will turn back southeast toward Cosamaloapan, then Acayucan.

Pay attention to the beautiful cultural change that you begin to see through here.

This is the change between native Mexican inhabitant culture and the Mexican culture that we American’s are most familiar with.

The area is definitely more agricultural, but I always find the people to be warm, friendly, and cooperative.

Acayucan-Arriago-Guatemala Border

I am not sure that this isn’t my favorite area of Mexico.

Spending the night in Acayucan, you can then make for Matias Romero and then east to Arriaga.

Plan on a night in Arriaga.

A few words about this town: this little farm town might possibly be the purest flash back to the 1950’s in the United States that I have ever seen.

The town has a permanent carnival set up in it’s center with little rides and booths.

Children run the streets freely and safely at 10PM.

The people are over anxious to lend you a hand in any endeavor you wish and it truly brings to mind how life should be.

Again, the hotels are low priced and the food I definitely above average.

If you happen to buy a hot dog from the hot dog vendor near the center of town, don’t plan on eating it without making a mess. By the time he is done loading it up, it won’t even come close to fitting in your mouth….and all for about a dollar.

From Arriaga, making it to the Guatemalan is a short skip and a hop and it is here that you rejoin the great original route offered by Gringo Travel Guide pacific Route.


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  1. Rica at #

    Anyone want to ride with me and split gas $ ???????

  2. I’d consider it…if there’s room for a few boxes as I will be living in Costa Rica for the foreseeable future. Just some extra clothes mainly.

  3. Nicks1 at #

    When was this piece written? Have things changed? BTW, the comment about third world country and keep the doors and windows locked is exactly how we used to feel thirty yeras ago when we crossed into USA from Canada at the Detroit Windsor bridge.

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