Gringos Guide To Driving Mexico, Central America & Costa Rica
Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo - Acapulco

Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo – Acapulco

MILES: 180
HWY: CA 200

Ixtapa to Acapulco

Leaving Zihuatanejo, proceed up the hill out of town onto the main throughway. Follow the signs to Acapulco; you’re still on CA 200. Going into Acapulco is a nightmare. The roads are horrible, the traffic is horrendous, and literally, thousands of people are crammed into this coastal town. Nevertheless, there are many things to do and an endless amount of sun, fun, and adventure.

Getting out of Acapulco is an art in itself. Pay close attention to these directions, or you will get lost. Head south and up the hill; if you are near the beach, you must drive up the hill toward Mexico 95. Follow the signs for Mexico 95; this is the road to Mexico City and your passage to freedom. Once you work your way through the myriad of confusion, you will come to an expressway that dissects the city. 

Get on the expressway and follow it south; follow any signs that display Mexico 95. Eventually, you will see a sign for Pinotepa National, noted Pinotepa N. on the sign. Follow this road; this is the one you want for CA 200. Follow the signs to Pinotepa and then on to Puerto Escondido.

Hotel & Eats

Acapulco is a resort town with a beautiful crescent-like shoreline filled with lovely accommodations. You can stay at Casa Chaman in Mozimba, a quiet and straightforward resort with home vibes and picturesque ocean sunset views. 

If you are out enjoying the nightlife, I can recommend partnering your drinks with a dish called ceviche, or fish marinated and cooked in lime and tossed with onion, tomatoes, cilantro, and green chiles. Then, cure the hangover with sincronizadas, a local version of the American-favorite grilled cheese but with ham and queso.

Learned Lessons

If you miss the original turn for Pinotepa Nacional, you can make a U-turn and backtrack to Pinotepa. The U-turn is about 2k past the original turn; there is a sign, so don’t panic. Grab lunch somewhere in Acapulco and fill your gas tank. It’s 8 more hours to Puerto Escondido.

Special Directions

Head south and up the hill. If you are near the beach, you must drive up, up, and away. Follow the signs for Mexico 95. This is the road to Mexico City and your passage to freedom. 

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Acapulco – Pinotepa Nacional – Puerto Escondido

Acapulco – Pinotepa Nacional – Puerto Escondido