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Nicaraguan Border - Managua

Nicaraguan Border – Managua

MILES: 121

Nicaraguan Border - Managua

The roads in Nicaragua are the worst of any in all of Central America. As mentioned above, it is difficult to get lost because CA 1 is undoubtedly the only major road running through the country. Follow the signs to Managua—if you find any.

Depending on how long the border entry and exit procedures take, you can make it through Nicaragua in one day. You will be given a transit visa for three days. My recommendation is to travel to San Juan del Sur and spend a day or two in this wonderful town. Then, cross the border into Costa Rica. San Juan del Sur is only 45 minutes from the Costa Rican border; it is truly a fantastic place.

Hotel & Eats

Managua has a lot of fusion dishes, so for those looking for authentic Nica food in Managua, you can find it in a restaurant behind Pharaohs Casino and a block away from the highway to Masaya. This authentic traditional Managua restaurant is La Cocina De Doña Haydee. They have awesome vegetarian options and typical but exquisite Nicaraguan food—even the common street food.

Learned Lessons

The officials at the border will ask you about your final destination for the day. Then they will indicate it on your Tarjeta De Turismo. It is not your final destination for the trip through Nicaragua. It is your destination for the day that you enter Nicaragua.

Regardless of where you are going, tell them, Penas Blancas, at the Costa Rican border. I told the officer at the Honduran/Nicaraguan border that I was traveling to Managua that day. Thus, they wrote Managua as my final destination for the day of entry on my Tarjeta De Turismo.

Officials stopped me about one hour north of San Juan del Sur. The officer told me I must go back to Managua and receive permission to travel past Managua that day. After some discussion and a small donation, they allowed me to proceed. Check your paperwork before you leave the Nicaraguan border, and make sure the officer writes down the city that you indicate.

Special Directions

Driving away from the Honduran border, you will encounter little civilization. There are few places to eat until you arrive in Managua. Grab something to eat near the border if you are hungry.

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