Gringos Guide To Driving Mexico, Central America & Costa Rica
  • Nogales, Mexican - Guaymas & San Carlos

    Nogales, Mexican – Guaymas & San Carlos

    DRIVING TIME: 6 hoursKILOMETERS: 421MILES: 261 Head south toward Hermosillo and either stay the night in Hermosillo or keep driving to San Carlos. Hermosillo is hot and dry, and it is located in the beautiful desert of Senora. However, this is the State’s capital and pushes close to one million residents, so you might want to keep moving south if you aren’t into large cities. Guaymas is a good stopping point for the first night. There are camping facilities in San Carlos and plenty of hotels in Guaymas. San Carlos is much smaller than Guaymas and more aesthetically appealing. It is located about 5k before Guaymas. As you enter San…

  • Nogales Arizona - Mexican Border

    Nogales Arizona – Mexican Border

    DRIVING TIME: 16 minsKILOMETERS: 5.1MILES: 3.2 Initially, you have to cross the border between the United States and Mexico. The officials at the border point will most likely look through your vehicle nonchalantly and then send you down the road to the main inspection area outside of town. The customs building is about 14 miles past the main town on the outskirts of Nogales. Drive directly out of town, and follow the main road towards the city of Guaymas. It’s hot in these parts, plan to enter the border and do this drive on the earlier side of the morning, and you might be blessed with cooler temperatures. Learned Lessons…

  • The Gulf Route - An Alternative Route Through Mexico
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    The Gulf Route Through Mexico

    Brownsville & Valle Hermosa The roads on the gulf route are not nearly as bad as they used to be. The scenery is varied and beautiful. Depending on what time you cross the border into Mexico through Brownsville, you may choose to either stay in Valle Hermosa (Beautiful Valley) or continue on toward Tampico. Should you choose to drive all the way through to Tampico, cross the border very early as this is a long journey. To make things comfortable, get through the border town area as quickly as possible heading to Valle Hermosa. Please keep in mind that this border area is by far the “roughest” area that you…